Webinars 2020

Resilience is a quality often associated with Australian cattle, sheep and goat producers. For generations red meat producers have been able to show resilience in the face of environmental and economic challenges such as drought, fire and flood and market variability. In 2020 and beyond, resilience must evolve to fit a new set of challenges.

Looking ahead, what will resilience look like? The challenges ahead will require us all to be agile and ambitious, to see adversity as opportunity, to be innovators, sustainable and world leaders in global competitiveness – delivering high value, high quality products to our customers, consumers and the community in Australia and around the world.

This webinar series comprises a packed program of speakers and topics to help you build the profitability and resilience of your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

Webinar series overview

1. Redefining resilience through producer innovation 

Practical, outcomes-focused advice for producers wanting to be leaders in change and innovation. Watch the webinar>>


2. Redefining resilience through sustainability

Adopt new research outcomes to contribute to a sustainable future for Australian red meat. Watch the webinar>>


3. Redefining resilience through innovation across the value chain

Diversify and develop on and off-farm practices that customers, consumers and the community perceive as beneficial to contribute to greater economic and environmental resilience for our industry. Watch the webinar>>


4. Redefining resilience through growing market opportunities

Understand the global red meat market and know what consumers want in order to improve, build and develop your business. Watch the webinar>>


5. Building resilience through community trust in the red meat and livestock industry

Understand how the community perceives the Australian red meat industry and how to maintain community trust and confidence in our products through effective marketing and communications. Watch the webinar>>