Redefining resilience through innovation across the value chain

11 November 1–2pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Diversify and develop on and off-farm practices that customers, consumers and the community perceive as beneficial to contribute to greater economic and environmental resilience for our industry.

Boosting productivity and product value across the value chain

Learn how MLA’s value chain information and efficiency program fosters the prosperity and resilience of the Australian red meat and livestock industry by enabling increased productivity and product value across the value chain.

Speaker: Jason Strong, MLA Managing Director

Drive your business forward by turning data into decisions

Learn the importance of capturing, integrating and interpreting the vast and increasing range of data generated through existing and new technologies.

Speaker: Dr Jane Weatherley, CEO Integrity Systems Company

Livestock Data Link – optimising supply chain performance

Find out how the red meat value chain data platform, Livestock Data Link (LDL), provides opportunities to capture, interrogate and utilise data to benefit your livestock enterprise and how LDL can help producers analyse carcase performance and animal health conditions to address non-compliant issues on-farm.

Speaker: Jenny Bradley, Producer

Enabling supply chain feedback

Learn how the ALMTech program partnership links objective measurement and automation to benefit producers and what attracted Rapiscan, a company best known for airport baggage handling, to the meat industry and what this partnership has achieved to date.

Speaker: Ed Morton, Rapiscan Chief Technology Officer

Eating quality and connecting the supply chain

Find out how a focus on the seamless transfer of information to producers led to improving eating quality and better returns and how MSA will meet its long-term objective to make all cattle eligible for MSA grading.

Speaker: David Packer, MSA Program Manager