Redefining resilience through sustainability

When: 5 November 1–2pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Adopt new research outcomes to contribute to a sustainable future for Australian red meat.

Working towards a sustainable future for Australian red meat

Learn how MLA’s environmental sustainability program fosters the resilience and prosperity of the Australian red meat and livestock industry by creating opportunities for it to efficiently and effectively manage soil health, water, methane emissions, biodiversity and climate variability.

Speaker: Jason Strong, MLA Managing Director

Investing in off-farm and on-farm sustainability

Learn what is involved with MLA’s off-farm and on-farm sustainability investments such as the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework and Sheep Sustainability Framework and how investments in R&D support progress in productivity and environmental outcomes.

Speaker: Mick Crowley, MLA General Manager Research, Development and Adoption

What does economic sustainability look like post farm gate?

Learn what investments MLA is making into new product development and innovation, which will reduce costs across the supply chain and how MLA is developing processing systems to convert wastes into valuable products.

Speaker: Michael Lee, MLA Group Manager Science and Innovation

Environmental stewardship & CN30

Learn what MLA’s roadmap is for CN30 and how producers can benefit from the improved productivity associated with CN30 initiatives.

Find out what tools and resources are in the pipeline to help producers work towards the CN30 target and assist with adapting to climate variability, carbon farming and feedbase solutions.

Speaker: Doug McNicholl, MLA Program Manager Sustainability and Innovation and Fiona Conroy, Producer

Improving animal welfare

Learn what R&D activities is MLA investing in such as biosecurity, pain relief and vaccines to reduce livestock mortality and the impacts of pain and disease.

Speaker: David Beatty, MLA Group Manager Productivity and Animal Wellbeing