Building resilience through community trust in the red meat and livestock industry

18 November 1–2pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Understand how the community perceives the Australian red meat industry and how to maintain community trust and confidence in our products through effective marketing and communications.

MLA in the community

Learn how MLA engages and informs the community about the Australian red meat and livestock industry, with a focus on animal welfare and environmental management.

Speaker: Jason Strong, MLA Managing Director

MLA’s community strategy

Find out what MLA’s community strategy involves and how MLA informs the community that the Australian red meat and livestock industry is an ethical and responsible custodian of livestock, land and natural resources.

Speaker: Lucy Broad, MLA General Manager Communications

What Aussies really think about our industry

Hear about key findings from MLA’s recently completed community sentiment research, such as:

  • two in three Australians feel good about the beef and lamb industry
  • consumers have become more positive about beef and lamb’s impact on our society and the environment
  • more than one in two Australians agree that producers are ethical and trustworthy, that farming is humane, and that the industry is sustainable and doing all it can do reduce its environmental impact.
  • how Australian consumers’ behaviour and attitudes towards red meat have changed.

Speaker: Emma Gillingham, MLA Consumer Insights Manager

Advocacy, school education and virtual classrooms: why our industry’s future depends on it

Find out how MLA’s community sentiment research informs MLA’s community communication strategy including the advocacy, school education and the virtual classroom programs.

Speaker: Samantha Jamieson, MLA Group Stakeholder Collaboration Manager

What it's like sharing our industry's story with Aussie school kids

Speaker: Jo Stewart, The Gourmet Goat Lady

Learn what’s involved with being an MLA advocate and why is it important to teach children about the Australian red meat and livestock industry from paddock to plate.