Red Meat 2017


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Red Meat Industry Forum
Session one: Red Meat Advisory Council

Together with local producer Chris Nott, Don Mackay addresses the key risks and opportunities for our red meat businesses looking beyond 2017.

These include defending and promoting our industry against detractors through the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework, marketing our unique and integral product worldwide and attracting investment in the Australian red meat and livestock industry from paddock-to-plate.

Global demand for red meat: an analysis

Lisa Sharp, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, MLA

How do we position Australia to realise the opportunities and address the challenges of an increasingly competitive market and evermore discerning consumer?

Lisa explains the ‘mega trends’ that are driving consumers’ purchase decisions and what they mean for our industry today and tomorrow. Catch a glimpse of the insights and analysis that MLA is using to market our product and ensure consumers keep choosing Australian red meat, both here and abroad.

Harnessing the power of data to stand by what we sell

Dr Jane Weatherley, CEO, Integrity Systems Company

While consumers look for higher levels of product assurance, our red meat industry is facing relentless competition from low cost global suppliers and other proteins. Meanwhile, digital technology and data science are rapidly advancing.

Jane discusses how the Integrity Systems Company is harnessing the power of data to strengthen our industry’s integrity and traceability systems – and protect Australia’s precious global reputation for clean, safe and natural red meat.

Driving profitability on farm by meeting consumer needs

Michael Crowley, General Manager – Producer Consultation and Adoption, MLA

You’ve heard what’s happening in the markets and how industry’s integrity systems are being streamlined to underpin the presentation of your product to consumers. Now where should you invest on farm to meet the needs of consumers today and tomorrow?

Michael explores the opportunities to set your business up for success using eating quality programs, genetics and objective measurement to increase on farm productivity and market compliance.

Innovation: the key to keeping our value chain competitive

Sean Starling, General Manager – Research, Development and Innovation, MLA

Australia was the world’s third largest beef exporter in 2016 and the second largest exporter of sheepmeat in 2015. Despite this, we have one of the highest cost processing sectors in the world.

That’s why it’s critical that MLA invests in innovation to improve processing efficiency and drive productivity gains across the supply chain.

Sean reports on the roll out of DEXA objective carcase measurement technology, MLA’s latest R&D investments and what’s ahead, including an exciting new initiative to engage producer groups in innovation.

MLA Producer Forum - Q&A

MLA's Producer Forum was followed by a Q&A session.

Board business, industry trends and outlook

Dr Michele Allan, Chair, MLA

In her address, MLA Chair Dr Michele Allan discusses the beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat markets and provide key industry insights about 2016–17. She also addresses the business of the Board, including its oversight of MLA’s two subsidiaries – Integrity Systems Company and MLA Donor Company.

The path to prosperity

Richard Norton, Managing Director, MLA

MLA Managing Director Richard Norton’s address centres on MLA’s purpose: to foster the prosperity of the red meat industry.

Richard explores what will drive long-term prosperity in the industry – and what won’t, offering some insights about what’s on the horizon for our industry.

Richard announces Australia’s red meat industry can be carbon neutral by 2030, putting Australia head and shoulders above its competitors in our high value international markets.