Transformation is coming...
is your business ready?

Our industry is on the cusp of a revolution in the way red meat is produced, traded and processed.

New technology and the ability to share real-time, objective information across the supply chain is challenging old conventions and vested interests – and opening up new, profitable opportunities.

Most of Australia’s processing capacity has now been costed for the new “DEXA” objective carcase measurement tool, already in use in three of the biggest plants and enabling big productivity gains from processing automation and real transparency in sharing carcase yield information with producers.

Transformation is also coming to Meat Standards Australia, with the world-leading eating quality grading system to be further enhanced in coming months. Subjective measures for tropical breed content will be scrapped and more vendors will be able to pass eating quality feedback to producers.

In the feedlot and on the farm, MLA is developing new objective measures of yield and eating quality for livestock and new objective systems for monitoring animal health.

All these new sources of objective information will make the inextricable link between genetics and profitability even more compelling. And to ensure producers can make use of the information, no matter how remote their business, MLA is driving advances in connectivity and digital technologies from the fork to the farm.

Together, the changes pave the way for a long overdue shift to value based marketing. With these tools at their fingertips, livestock producers will have the opportunity to transform their operations, by breeding and finishing more profitable herds and flocks.

Join MLA’s Sean Starling and Michael Crowley and others leading the changes in our industry to learn how you can apply them to advance your business.

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Transformation is your business ready?
Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Time: 9.30am - 11.00am


Sean Starling

Sean Starling, General Manager - MDC, Research, Development and Innovation

A member of Meat & Livestock Australia’s executive team, Sean is responsible for MLA’s $170 million annual R&D investment across the Australian red meat industry value chain. Innovation areas cover: global innovation insights; value chain innovation; food safety and industry traceability and integrity systems; product development and value-adding; automation technology; and building industry innovation capability.

Sean has been engaged in food value chains for most of his career. Having worked in a range of organisations and positions from factory engineer to general manager in manufacturing, R&D and engineering organisations, underpins Sean’s ability to work with business and scientific thinkers to facilitate delivery of their concepts into commercial reality. In addition to ensuring no good opportunity is wasted, Sean has a passion of supporting young people to strive and deliver in an ever changing and complex environment. Read more.

Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley, General Manager - Producer Consultation and Adoption

Michael Crowley leads MLA's Producer Consultation and Adoption (PCA) team. Michael has extensive experience right across the red meat supply chain, including on-farm, livestock marketing and trade access, processing and quality assurance. Michael's PCA team are focussed on the commercial drivers that improve on farm profitability. The PCA team manages MLA’s investment in Meat Standards Australia, beef and sheep genetics and genomics and industry consultation through regional research committees. Read more.