Phil Vercoe

Professor, Animal Scientist

Phil is an animal scientist. His research interests range from manipulating microbial fermentation in the rumen through to ruminant production systems more generally and finding ways to balance productivity with biodiversity in extensive grazing systems. His research is driven by the need for ‘Clean, Green and Ethical’ livestock production and the importance of optimising the interaction between genotype, environment and management. His most recent research has been focused on mitigating methane emissions from sheep and cattle through manipulating the feed base, exploring the antimethanogenic properties of plant secondary compounds in Australian native plants, and genetic selection. This work culminated in the Rumen Pangenome Project, which was developed to better understand the interaction between the host and its ruminal microorganisms in determining digestive efficiency. In 2013, he was part of the team awarded the National Caring for our Country Landcare Eureka Prize for Sustainable Agriculture (2013) for the Enrich Project. The BeefLinks programme will bring a number of these interests together and, through a strong partnership with industry, help drive an integrated and complementary R&D programme for northern and southern production systems across Western Australia to achieve profitable, consistent and sustainable beef yields matched to consumer expectations.