Red Meat Integrity System

2025 and Beyond.

The Australian red meat and livestock industry has a reputation for integrity and quality, underpinned by robust integrity systems and on-farm practices that instil confidence with trading partners and consumers alike.

Maintaining and enhancing this position is both a necessity and an opportunity for our industry to uphold its competitive advantage. Globally, the trade environment is increasingly competitive and volatile. Consumer demands around food safety, ethical production, biosecurity and sustainability are growing, and unpredictable events such as disease outbreaks impact supply.

What will the integrity system of the future look like?

This session will cover future opportunities for the red meat integrity system through technology and data systems, and how these will support industry in growing its competitive advantage while creating real value for all participants within the value chain. The roadmap for achieving these outcomes is embedded in the Integrity System Strategy – 2025 and Beyond, including key priorities of:

  • automated identification of livestock and locations
  • real-time monitoring and tracking of livestock
  • National Vendor Declarations replaced by automated verification systems
  • data-driven decision making and data sharing
  • and implicit compliance.

Join the discussion on how industry can build an integrity system that is a seamless and valued tool for industry, while making sure our customers’ needs are met.

A future integrity system: What’s important for industry?

Representatives from across the value chain will outline what integrity means for their businesses, the importance of data in a digital world and their vision for a future integrity system, the pnael includes:

Assurance 4:0: digitally powered confidence and integrity

This session will cover local and international examples, including with KMPG, of how data and platforms are being leveraged to connect supply chains and create collaboration between industry and public sector partners. The discussion will include the use of tools such as artificial intelligence and data analytics to support integrity and confidence across the agriculture and food sectors.

Future concepts for improved livestock identification and traceability

Insights into concepts developed through a collaborative partnership between Xinova and Integrity Systems Company, through MLA Donor Company. These new approaches to livestock identification and traceability are aimed at strengthening the current system and removing some of the pain points

Jane Wetherley

Jo Quigley

Lachlan Graham

Dr Michelle Henry

Jane Kellock