On-farm producer tours

As part of the Red Meat 2019 program, two on-farm tours where run on Monday, 18 November. This is was an opportunity to tour two local properties and see innovative farming systems in action.

Elders Killara Feedlot

Elders Killara Feedlot is a licensed 20,000 head feedlot on the eastern side of the Liverpool Plains, turning over around 50,000 cattle annually. Killara Feedlot sources and grain feeds high quality cattle, producing beef for the premium food service market. Over the last three years the business has transitioned from predominantly supplying the domestic market, to now exporting 70% of their beef to markets including South East Asia and Europe.

Killara places a strong emphasis on cattle performance, both in the feedlot and over the hook. Producers will hear how communication with breeders, backgrounders, processors and customers builds efficiencies that add value through the supply chain, and has created long-term supply relationships. Producers will be able to utilise this information to make more informed decisions during pre-conditioning, genetic selections, and predicting and animal performance in the feedlot, which can significantly impact farm-gate returns.


On-farm producer tour – Elders Killara Feedlot

Romani Pastoral Company

Romani Pastoral Company has partnered with Meat & Livestock Australia to test a range of on-farm solutions as part of MLA's ongoing work in the digital technology space. The project is part of MLA's Digital Livestock 4.0 pilot project, and an extension of a digital project being undertaken by Carwoola Pastoral Company (CPC) in cooperation with MLA.

These technologies will be on display on the Red Meat 2019 red meat producer tour at Romani's Windy Station at Quirindi. Windy Station is a large-scale mixed livestock and cropping business incorporating export crops, fodder crops, beef, Romani's operations will present new challenges for providers who will create solutions through digital technology to on-farm challenges.

At Windy Station, producers will hear how the learnings from the CPC pilot project are being rolled out with Romani to leverage learnings . Attendees will learn what is hype and what is now happening in digital livestock technology, including an update on on-ground and aerial autonomous systems deployed at CPC, what is happening now and what is planned next. Presentations will focus on leveraging value through technology throughout the red meat supply chain.

On-farm producer tour - 'Windy Station' Quirindi, Romani Pastoral Company


Romani pastural