Driving profit through the farm gate

Investments shaping red meat’s future.

Meeting and exceeding consumer expectations holds the key to a growing and prosperous industry.

How do we achieve this? For one, we must know what our consumer wants, needs and desires. For another, our industry needs to continue pursuing market access so our product can get to the right consumers, unencumbered. And we need price signals emitted by commercial brands for products that consumers will pay more for. In all this, producers play a pivotal part in delivering a product that fits the bill, that meets the expectations of consumers, regardless of where they are in the world.

This session will focus on investments along the supply chain that are helping to meet the needs of consumers and, in doing so, support a more profitable and sustainable industry. From genetics to eating quality, with insights from leading edge producers who are excelling in their field, ‘Driving profit through the farm gate: investments shaping red meat’s future’ will explore how MLA is investing today to drive the success of red meat businesses tomorrow and in the future.