Darren Price

General Manager, Carwoola Pastoral Company

Darren has 34 years rural industry experience. He is extremely passionate about agriculture, its people and future. Darren has held the role of General Manager with Carwoola Pastoral Company (CPC) for the past 22 years. CPC is a group of 4 properties comprising over 16,000 acres. With fodder crops, a carrying capacity of 2,000 cattle and 13,000 sheep, Carwoola was an ideal location for Meat & Livestock Australia’ (MLA) to evaluate digital production opportunities.

Darren possesses extensive knowledge of Agri business management - key areas include livestock production and operations, whole property and business management, financial budgeting, reporting and analysis, staff recruitment and training, business compliance and governance, digital technology implementation and integration.

In 2019 Darren joined MLA as a Precision Agriculture Manager (Consultant). This role allows Darren to provide expert knowledge and leadership in precision agriculture.