Producer tours

Thursday, 22 November 2018

As part of Red Meat 2018 program, two producer tours will run on Thursday, 22 November. This is an opportunity to tour local properties and see innovative farming systems in action.

Buses will depart from the Red Meat 2018 venue, Hotel Realm at 7.00am, returning by 5.00pm. Registration is essential to participate in the tours, as places are strictly limited.

Producer Tour 1: Genetics, feedbase and eating quality - Yass district

Hear how producers are harnessing genetics, objective measurement and using pasture management tools to drive productivity and eating quality outcomes.

Morning program

Visit Ravenswood Station, part of Cavan Station group and home of the renowned Bogo Merino Stud.

Across the nine property aggregation, the business specialises in producing the highest quality Merino sheep, wool, lamb and beef utilising sustainable management systems.

Cavan Station's vision is to supply superior commodities to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Afternoon program

Visit Alloura Angus Stud, a family owned operation breeding stud registered black Angus cattle under commercial conditions to meet domestic and export market demands

The Wales family are harnessing genetics to produce functional, structurally sound cattle with high calving ease and superior carcase attributes.

They utilise objective performance data, benchmarking and genomic testing to produce genetics that enable commercial producers to grow beef of exceptional eating quality.

Producer Tour 2: Provenance, marketing and meeting customer needs - Boorowa district

Hear how producers are developing commercial partnerships to meet customer demands and marketing their story to consumers.

Morning program

Visit Gooramma Poll Dorsets, the fourth largest Poll Dorset stud in Australia, supplying seedstock to domestic and international markets and lamb to the major supermarket chains.

Founded by James Corcoran in 1970, Gooramma has a strong commercial focus and utilises genetic programs in conjunction with DNA-marker technology.

James' innovative production system utilises tools including electronic identification, objective measurement and automatic drenching.

Afternoon program

Visit 'Hanaminno', ​where Charlie Arnott's family have bred and grown Shorthorn cattle and Merino and Dorset sheep  for nearly 50 years.

Charlie believes in the importance of customers knowing where and how their food is produced, and is passionate about connecting the consumer to the producer.

The business uses biodynamic and organic production principles to manage its soils, pastures and livestock. They also host Biodynamic training days and workshops at Hanaminno and are advocates of regenerative farming practices.

The Arnotts supply their 100% grassfed product to various butchers in Sydney, as well as direct to local families.